Legalization Cannabis

Medical marijuana is effectively used by many people the world over to treat and alleviate symptoms of a number of serious medical conditions. Various scientific studies have been used to prove that marijuana is associated with therapeutic properties that cannot be replicated by any other drugs that are prescribed today. In addition, they are also associated with fewer and less severe side-effects when compared to many commonly prescribed medications. Many people are now aware of medical marijuana’s therapeutic properties and this makes it important for them to know the best and healthiest ways to consume these medical products.

Smoking cannabis flower is the most well-known method of medicating. However, there are several other different methods of administering medical marijuana and for this reason, it is important for people to understand them. This will help them make an informed decision when it comes to buying medical products that they wish to try. Here below are 5 methods of consuming medical marijuana.

  1. Smoking medical marijuana


This involves packing a small amount of dried marijuana flower into a bong, pipe, or rolling paper. Hold a flame to the flower until it combusts while inhaling the smoke from the other end of the joint or mouth piece at the same time.


This method has the following advantages:

-It is inexpensive,

-Delivers instant relieve,

-The cannabis flowers are minimally processed,

-It is a little bit easier to regulate dosage.


-The method is not suitable for people with certain health conditions, including asthma and lung cancer.

-It makes you smell of marijuana smoke.

2. Vaping

This method involves the following steps:

– Preheating the vaporizer to the recommended temperature,

-Inserting a small amount of dried marijuana extract or flower into your vaporizer,

– And lastly, pressing the button and inhaling.

Essentially, the marijuana which is contained in the vaporizer will be heated to a temperature that is below its combustion point. However, the temperature is enough to help release the medical compounds.

Advantages of vaping

-It is easy to regulate the dosage,

-Delivers instant relief,

-Doesn’t make you smell of cannabis smoke,

-Does little harm to your lungs, if any.


-Vaporizers can be very expensive, especially where there are wall-plug powered.

– If battery powered, they require regular charging.

3. Medical Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles

By Stas2k – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2653353

You can now buy medical cookies, crackers, lorry pops, and chocolate bars, among many others, from your medical dispensary. Most of these medical products contain a known content of THC.


-They provide a long – lasting relief,

-They are delicious,

-They are a good alternative for people who don’t like inhaling cannabis,

-Dosage can be very precise if you buy from a reliable source.


-Must be kept out of reach of children and pets,

-Relief is not immediate,

– Sometimes is possible not know the dosage.

4. Medical cannabis Tinctures

These medical products are made by mixing extracted cannabinoids into an alcohol, glycerin solution, or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT Oils), such as coconut oil. Tinctures come in small bottles. Spray or squirt the product under your tongue where it will be absorbed through the thin tissues of the mouth.


-They do not affect the lungs,

-Provide an easy way to control dosage,

– They have a mild taste,

-Best method for high –CBD medications.


-Can be quite expensive especially if you require a high dosage of cannabinoids.

-Don’t take effect as fast as inhalation.

5. Medical marijuana Transdermal Patches

These patches are applied to a clean, dry, and hairless part of your skin. The most preferred areas include the inner-wrist area and the top of your foot or ankle.


-The patches come in different formulations,

– Can be used by patients who are unable to take medications orally,

-You only need to use one patch each day to administer enough medication.


-They may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

These are some five methods of consuming medical cannabis. However, there are not the only ones.

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From malignancy and Alzheimers to epilepsy and PTSD, the world is awakening to the numerous ways therapeutic pot can help us stay solid.

More unprejudiced, an openly accessible investigative examination has been done as to the banquet of restorative cannabis in the most recent decade in the United States than it has been done in the plant’s history. Government formality has constantly made the exploration into the illicit substance lavish and troublesome, however, determination and open backing has served to reveal insight into the plant’s numerous advantages. This data has turned out to be all the more promptly accessible to both counter-culture supporters and the overall population, bringing about a great 46% of the States receiving medicinal weed laws. At the present rate of expansion, this number is situated to pick up footing consistently. So how about we stop promulgation from the beginning and uncover the smoldering truth with respect to cannabis’ potential advantages.

 We’ll begin with the one that stands out as the most normally medicinal uses, the treatment of glaucoma. Obviously, when you initially discovered your grandparents stash, they may have let you know that it was to treat their glaucoma—and whether their announcement was distorted or not is up to discuss—but rather what amount of truth arrives to the treatment itself? How about we begin with the nuts and bolts. Glaucoma is an eye illness which increments intra-visual weight (IOP), which can bring about harm and even loss of vision. Weed utilization can diminish this weight significantly, prompting an increment in eye-well being and a lessening in the sickness’ harm making potential.


Then again, the greatest issue with pot as a treatment is the term of diminished weight, which keeps going just two or three hours amid and in the wake of devouring THC. This would imply that for legitimate treatment, you would need to smoke each couple of hours, which might possibly be sensible for any given circumstance. This constrains cannabis’ potential as a treatment, however, it is still a suitable alternative for the individuals who respond antagonistically to current medicines available. As indicated by the American Glaucoma Society, proof nearby organization (eye drops) containing pot’s dynamic parts could be powerful, and even potentially secure nerve cells, however, further research is required.


 Abating the Progression of Alzheimers An especially intriguing therapeutic reason for cannabis is that of moderating, or maybe notwithstanding leaving Alzheimer’s speechless. One of the impacts of the sickness, which lessens mental limit and corrupts the psyche, is that it makes a development of a particular protein, beta-amyloid, which turns into a plaque-like arrangement in the cerebrum. A study distributed in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease demonstrates that THC may ease off the creation of this protein. In low measurements, weed’s dynamic fixing can turn out to be a significant partner in the battle against the manifestations and progressions of Alzheimer’s. This is an okay high-compensate treatment, and we can dare to dream that progressions in examination and usage can help to battle the sickness which as of now influences more than five million Americans ages 65 and more established.

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